Become an approved training provider

Coming Soon – December 2020

The RESP-FIT program is still in development launching in December 2020 during the AIOH Virtual Symposium.

RESP-FIT has developed a training course syllabus based on AS/NZS 1715 and ISO 16975-3.  Organisations are required to develop their own course material and submit the mapping document demonstrating how their course meets this syllabus.

NOTE: The organisation does not need to be a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) but they will need to demonstrate their nominated trainer/s meet specific qualification, experience and knowledge requirements in addition to the submitted course materials, as outlined below;

Required Trainer Qualifications

  1. The nominated trainer holds a current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (or equivalent or higher).
  2. The nominated trainer is an accredited fit tester under the RESP-FIT Program for the nominated selected methodology/s.


Required Trainer Experience & Knowledge

Demonstrated experience and/or knowledge in Workplace Health & Safety. This may be through the completion of the OHTA Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene course, post graduate course in Occupational Hygiene, a professional grade membership of the AIOH or another IOHA Association, Workplace Health & Safety Qualification (Certificate IV or higher), or any AIHS general professional certification level as examples.  It is not limited to the above, however it is the onus of the training provider/trainer to demonstrate this experience and/or knowledge.

The nominated RESP-FIT assessors will review the submitted course materials and nominated trainers demonstrated qualification, experience and knowledge. They will make a determination to approve the course to be a “RESP-FIT Approved Training Course” or will request further information for any identified gaps. Approval will last for 3 years before resubmitting again.



The associated costs for application and approved course are as follows (ex gst).

Application fee


Covers application resources and process.

3 year approval period


Paid after course approved. Covers ongoing administration, website & marketing support, certificate, card. No limit on nominated trainer as part of initial assessment.

Additional trainer


per additional trainer to be reviewed outside initial assessment.