Make the RESP-FIT Pledge

Respiratory Protection is a key part of many workplaces’ hazard control strategies. For tight-fitting facepieces/respirators, fit testing is an important part of a respiratory protection program per AS/NZS 1715.

The RESP-FIT Pledge is for organisations wanting to show their commitment to the protection of their workers through competent person fit testing by using RESP-FIT accredited fit testers. RESP-FIT accreditation ensures demonstrated fit tester competence is in accordance with ISO 16975-3 and the RESP-FIT competent person criteria. View those who have made the Pledge already

The RESP-FIT Pledge is free for organisations to join. See information below or download the Pledge flyer.

Refer to the RESP-FIT Pledge Application Process Document for a overview of the process.

Organisations in Australia who are eligible to make the RESP-FIT Pledge are those that engages or employs a RESP-FIT Accredited fit tester to conduct their worker respirator fit testing. However, organisations that are listed on the RESP-FIT website as a fit test service provider are not eligible to make the pledge.

Organisation Description Pledge Eligible
Organisations of any size that engages an accredited fit tester through an external service provider (listed on the RESP-FIT website) to undertake any respirator fit testing for their workers. YES
Organisations of any size that employ an accredited fit tester to undertake any of their worker respirator fit testing. YES
Organisations that are listed on the RESP-FIT website as a fit test service provider who provide fit testing as a commercial service offering. NO

How does it work?

Eligible organisations can sign up free on the RESP-FIT website by providing their company details and company logo (to be displayed on the RESP-FIT website).

After signing up, confirmation of registration will be provided. Organisations can now log into their member account.

After having any fit testing conducted by an Accredited fit tester, the fit testing is registered through the RESP-FIT member log in.

After registering a fit testing session, the Accredited RESP-FIT fit tester will receive an email to confirm the details registered.

Upon successful confirmation, the Pledge organisation will be able to download the Pledge certificate and Pledge badge. The badge and certificate can be used to externally show the organisation’s commitment to competent person fit testing.

This may be through

  • Organisation literature and marketing
  • Social Media
  • Tender Document
  • Organisation reception/lobby areas with other company certificates and policies

Current Pledge organisations will be displayed on the RESP-FIT website with the company logo and pledge details. To maintain a current RESP-FIT Pledge, fit testing by an accredited fit tester for the organisation must have been conducted in the previous 12 months.

A history of the fit testing registered through the RESP-FIT pledge is kept for the organisation record keeping via the member log in. This is where the Pledge Badge and certificate can be downloaded from. See examples below.


For further information for Pledge Organisations of registering any fit testing by an accredited fit tester, please visit the Pledge section of the RESP-FIT documents page.