RESP-FIT Documents


Accreditation Procedure v2

Accreditation Application Handbook v6

Accreditation Practical Video Checklist v4

Accreditation Stage 1 ExamSoft/Examplify Access Guide v1

Accreditation Stage 2 Video Submission Guide v2


Training Procedure v2

Training Course Syllabus v2

Syllabus and Trainer Response Form – Contact RESP-FIT for latest version

Member Documents

– Members are RESP-FIT accredited fit testers, RESP-FIT Approved training providers, Partners and Supporters

RESP-FIT Logo & Badge Guidelines v1

RESP-FIT Website Member Login Visual Guide v2

RESP-FIT Member Annual Reporting Guide v1

Annual reporting requirement for RESP-FIT accredited fit testers and RESP-FIT Approved training providers. See guides below to export data from the TSI Portacount and OHD Quantifit for member annual reporting support.

RESP-FIT Member Forum Access Guide v1


Conflict of Interest Policy v2