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RESP-FIT has developed a course syllabus based on AS/NZS 1715 and ISO 16975-3 for respirator fit testing training courses. Numerous companies across Australia have been provided this syllabus and are in the process of developing and updating their training material. Their course material and trainer qualifications have been submitted to RESP-FIT for review and approval. Once approved, these training providers will be listed on this page.

The approved RESP-FIT training courses will provide the knowledge foundation and hands-on demonstration for fit test operators. It also covers the core knowledge and skills that will be make up the assessment process for accredited fit testers. It is not mandatory for individuals seeking accreditation to have completed an approved RESP-FIT training course, but is recommended.

Given the current global COVID-19 pandemic situation and the increased demand for competent fit testers and fit tester training courses, the RESP-FIT training course syllabus is available below. The aim is to provide guidance for those seeking fit test approved training credentials and aligning their respirator fit test training courses with ISO 16975-3 Section 5 Competent fit-test operator knowledge, understanding and practical skill required to conduct a respirator fit test.