Your Fit Test Application

Your Application for Video Resubmission has been received!


Thank you for your application for your Stage 2 practical video re submission for your Accredited fit tester assessment process as part of the RESP-FIT program.

You are required to resubmit a video for Stage 2 Practical video assessment per the requirements in Section 6.0 of the Accreditation Applicant Handbook.

Be sure to review the Accreditation Applicant Handbook, prior to recording your practical video to ensure you are aware of all the requirements and knowledge to be demonstrated. The Accreditation Applicant Handbook is available on the document page on the RESP-FIT website at

When you have recorded your resubmission video and have your YouTube link ready to submit, please email with these details.

You can download your application form and invoice using the links below.


Your Application    Your Tax Invoice