Buying Guide for P2 Respirators (Australia & ...

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Buying Guide for P2 Respirators (Australia & NZ)

There has been a surge in demand for P2 respirators for use against airborne pollutants during the recent extensive bushfires and more immediately against the transmission of CoV-SARS-2. This has resulted in an increase of non-compliant respirators entering the supply chain, which has been highlighted by several bodies including SafeWork NSW and WorkSafe New Zealand.

Identifying non-compliant products presents challenges for businesses purchasing respirators for their workers, as the processes and checkpoints that provide compliance can be complex. This guide was developed to assist those who purchase disposable P2 respirators in Australia and New Zealand for use in the workplace. Specifically, this document deals with disposable P2 respirators, commonly termed, “Filtering Facepiece Respirators (FFP)” or “P2 face masks”.