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Webinar Recording – Respiratory Protective Devices ISO Standards

The AIOH and RESP-FIT conducted a webinar on Friday 25th August 2023 which provided an update on the ISO Respiratory Protective Devices Standards, bringing this global Standard back to home.

Standards are used to demonstrate conformance to local regulations regulations/laws/ laws. There is a new set of globally harmonised standards for respiratory protective devices (RPD) that changes the focus from performance by design to performance required by the wearer. The work on these standards started more than 20 years ago; with several RPD standards already published.

Australia/New Zealand joint standards (AS/NZS) has been reviewing and adopting these standards through the work done under the SF-010 Occupational Respiratory Protection Committee.

This webinar was presented by the Chair of the ISO Respiratory Protective Devices Committee (ISO/TC 64/SC 15) providing a high-level overview of this new suite of ISO standards. The Chair of AS/NZS occupational respiratory protection committee (SF-010) and a number of committee members discussed information on the local New Zealand and Australian adoption plans of these standards.

During the webinar, there were more questions than time allowed for. We have collated these questions and answers in the following document for attendees reference.


See the Webinar recording below