ExamSoft Case Study On RESP-FIT

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ExamSoft Case Study On RESP-FIT

Recently ExamSoft published a case study on RESP-FITs’ use of the ExamSoft software platform. ExamSoft is the online platform behind the scene that RESP-FIT uses to administer the Stage 1 Exam and the STage 2 practical video assessment. RESP-FIT decided to pursue an online assessment model during its development (pre-pandemic) to ensure program accessibility when thinking about the size and spread of Australia. It was in early 2020 when RESP-FIT had decided to engage Examosft not knowing what was in store for the world with the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to go with an online first model was further validated amid the pandemic which lockdowns and travel bans. RESP-FIT officially launched in December 2020 using ExamSoft as the backbone of the reliable assessment model we continue to use today. To think there are over 100 accredited fit testers which all has happened through the pandemic highlights the critical role that the Examosft platform has facilitated.

To read the complete case study, visit the ExamSoft website or download the PDF below.

ExamSoft Case Study  (ExamSoft Webpage)

ExamSoft Case Study (PDF)